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Each hive is different, produces a different honey, a different taste. Honey producers mix honey from different hives and the best value - honey diversity is being lost!

Our approach is completely different. We collect honey from different locations and analyse it. We have our own strict quality standard. After we get analyse results we put data in our algorithm and make selection only of the best honey for our customers.

After you try our samples we are able to know what sort of honey is your favorite one. As result we are able to notify you when we have your favorite honey available.

Our job is to collect, test, categorize and provide all data for honey lovers.

Our solution is based on scientific methods and our long experience.

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We are just starting our new idea about honey branding. We have been working on this for five years, and we finally came to this stage. We found solutions and planned processes with just one goal, to become the most trusted honey brand. Now it is the best time to become our VIP member.

Below is link to our crowdfunding campaign. We will appreciate if you help us and contribute!

Medobar - Natural bee products

Bee milk

The best food only for queen

Bee milk is being produced only by young female worker bees, using their subfaringealnih and mandibular glands. Bee milk is thick like sour cream, white to light yellow, sour-bitter tasting.

Queen bee arises from the same egg as the honeybee. This means that each of the bees could arises in the queen. The only difference, and the factor that determines whether to develop a queen or honeybee, is the diet during the larval development. Larva from which will develop the queen all the time is being fed by bee milk, while the larva from wich will develop honeybee after the third day continues to feed on pollen and nectar.

10-Hydroxy-2-Decenoic Acid is a special active substance which exists only in bee milk in the nature. The content of 10-HDA in fresh bee milk is usually around 1.0%-2.0%. Since it has the function of anticancer, skin care and antibacterial effect, it can be added to health food or cosmetics as an active ingredient.

Our bee milk is special because it contain more then average percent of 10-HDA. In our testings during last three years we always get results more then 2% with record of 2.7%. We keep searching for reason of variation but we are proud that our bees always produce extra quality bee milk.


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